Avoid collaborating with unscrupulous companies

Analysis of financial documents

Based on artificial intelligence

CRM system allows to control transactions and obligations

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In business, everyone wants certainty, especially when it comes to money. Vetting contractors is a key part of securing your company money. We are well aware of this, which is why we have created a system to keep your finances and transactions safe.

The Temida system selects rogue counterparties, allows efficient management of transactions and cooperation with companies, as well as efficient and stress-free recovery process.

This effective solution will avoid cooperation with insolvent and dishonest companies, reduce payment problems and streamline financial processes in the company. It will analyse the money flow, make a forecast and better plan for cooperation with future and existing counterparties.

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Verification of a potential counterparty should protect the company from fraud and transaction problems.


respondents check their counterparties

they have problems with debt collection

respondents do not check their counterparties

This illustrates that existing methods and techniques are either failing or insufficient action is being taken.


The Problem is with dishonest counterparties and companies that arise with the intention of extorting money and the lack of an effective analysis and forecast of the reliability of the counterparty.

The most common problem is a human factor that is unable to process enough data and variables, or a flawed analysis tool that often lacks up-to-date information about companies or has too little of it.

A properly conducted analysis should provide information on whether the company is fair and whether it is thriving enough to be able to meet the payments.


The tool, based on artificial intelligence and a self-learning system, holds up-to-date data, instantly verifies and tracks rogue companies.

Using our system:

You are confident that current and valuable data will be analysed.

You streamline the system of transactions and money flow in the company.

You get an easy-to-use and intuitive soft.

Minimize the risks associated with limited capabilities and fallibility of the human factor.

  • Collect data on counterparties
  • Perform analysis about the forecast
  • You improve cooperation between accountant, freight forwarder and administrator

30 seconds that’s how long it takes you to register

It’ll take us another 30 seconds to track down a rogue counterparty/verify your counterparties.

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Fourth Feature

By deciding on our system you also have the opportunity to use the factoring service and the merchant limit.

You can count on our help and technical support throughout the cooperation period.

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Third Feature

All this included a transparent and user-friendly system, which was additionally enriched with many useful functions such as alerts on changes in counterparty status, audit of claims and transactions, panel for accounting officer, freight forwarder and administrator, and the possibility to conduct statistics and analyses of various data.

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Second Feature

The use of up-to-date data and the analysis of business and company histories allows not only to exclude rogue firms, but also to predict whether a firm will be a promising contractor.

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First Feature

The performance of the Temida system is based on a combination of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. This gave us a tool that learns and gains experience from previous actions and uses it in subsequent processing and analysis.

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AI-based financial and non-financial verification of the counterparty

With artificial intelligence and a self-learning system, you get reliable and comprehensive information about the business entity or company.


Control of transaction receivables

You monitor counterparties ' transactions and payments on an ongoing basis.


Transaction statistics

Thanks to the ability to generate statistics and reports, you know the payer of your counterparty, you also have the possibility to forecast further cooperation.


Alerts on changes to counterparty status

You know when your contractor changes Company form, closes the company or declares bankruptcy.


Accounting Panel

Access to accounting, invoicing and financial management.


Freight forwarder Panel

Convenient management and planning of the transport of goods.


Administrator Panel

Simple management of Temida functionality and packages.


Transparent and described analysis system

Even without specialized knowledge, you can use the option to generate statistics and reports.


Blacklist of counterparties

Contractors that are not worth working with.


Clear History of accepted and rejected transactions

You have an insight into all the transactions.


Cashflow Control

A comprehensive analysis of money flows and stagnation.


Permanent support

You can always count on our support and technical support.



We take on debt before there is a debt collection problem.


Granting a 30-second shopping limit

We are making a quick and efficient decision to take over.


Data security

We care about your data. Our servers and systems are secure and stable.


Competitive rates

By using our packages you are guaranteed a comprehensive service at the best price.


Industry experience

Thanks to many years of work in the industry, we are well versed in the process of vetting contractors.


Using modern technology

You get a system based on innovative solutions, based on artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

Choose the right Temida for you


With the package, you will know exactly the financial history of a given business or company. You are also sure that when a contractor closes a business or makes significant changes to it, e.g. ceases to be a Vat taxpayer, our system will inform you.

In addition, you get a factoring service and purchase limit decisions in up to 30 seconds.

Short term

Is perfect when you want to make sure the contractor is not a fraudster.

In the Short Term you will receive:

  • Counterparty financial and non-financial verification based on a
  • Alerts when counterparty status changes
  • Granting a buyer limit in 30 seconds
  • Transparent and described analysis system

1$ / 1 checks

Long term

Is a solution for ideal companies looking to closely track and control the flow of money in the company and the payments of counterparties.

In the Long Term package you will receive:

  • Control of transaction receivables
  • Cashflow Control
  • Transaction and document statistics
  • Transparent history of accepted and rejected transactions

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